Measure your current quality and ability to lead!

  • Are you looking for a realistic view on your leadership abilities and competencies?
  • Do you want to be able to improve and develop specific competencies?
  • Would you like to become the best leader or manager you can be?

Then be honest with yourself by objectively reviewing your skills and abilities as a leader.

The Leadership Excellence Report (LER) offers a high-level, in-depth analysis of your leadership capabilities and competencies, with personalised feedback. You will benefit from a diagnostic tool for measuring your leadership skills and sense of responsibility, giving you concrete recommendations for improvement.

What exactly does LER offer?

  • The LER offers a comprehensive representation of your leadership responsibility
  • It provides an overview of your current state of development in terms of your leadership competencies and uncovers blind spots on which you can improve
  • The LER excludes any form of social desirability bias and is highly personalised

What advantages does this have to you as a leader?

  • Your leadership capabilities will reach a higher level
  • You will have a chance to develop skills to improve on your weaker abilities
  • There are no right or wrong answers

The actual utility of this report is manifold. It can be used at any stage of your leadership development training, be it before, during, or after different training modules or as a starting point for your development journey.

What does the LER cost?

790,00 € VAT included (663,87 € net)

This price includes the written report and a personalised telefone coaching (duration: 50 minutes). Due to the analysis’ high requirements the report is only available in conjunction with a professional coaching. Therefore, we decided to include the guidance of a skilled trainer of the Grundl Leadership Institut within this offer, to help you better understand your results.

Quantity discount

Are you interested in measuring your entire team’s performance? In that case, we would like to offer you a special reduced rate for a minimum order of 5 assessments. Just let us know!

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The Report – explained by experts.


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How does the measurement work?

The LER measures your current leadership capabilities based on your attitude towards responsibility. At the heart of this analysis is your personal talent portfolio. What are your strengths? Do you have any other special qualities and what are they? Is there any room for improvement and where?

This sophisticated and demanding procedure requires you to repeatedly rank several statements in their order of relevance and importance. Its logical values are not necessarily easy to discern from the outside looking in. The LER offers a very objective insight into your leadership personality, enabling you to discover potential deficits and improve yourself. It incorporates and considers your current phase of life, allowing for a representative account of your present state of development as a leader.

The scientific foundation for this measurement is the Leading Simple© management system. It is based on 15 modules which are divided into five tasks, five tools, and five principles, making it the only method that is rooted in a successful training system. It is because of this fact that the LER perfectly complements other training and coaching methods in making you the best leader you can be.

Leadership Excellence Report

The LER was developed by Boris Grundl and Dr. Ulrich Vogel. It is based on the profilingvalues system which in turn is a more advanced version of the Hartman Value Profile (HVP), developed by Professor Robert S. Harman. The HVP is a method utilised a million times over and has thus been scientifically validated accordingly. The report calculates the data provided through the online survey by the participant.

The Leadership Excellence Report will raise your leadership competencies to another level. Regardless of external influences, roles, self-image, or public image, the LER will help you see more clearly how you can improve and develop your skills and discern where potential areas for improvement are. You will learn how to systematically unlock hidden potentials. First your own, then those of the people around you.


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Holistic analysis – realistic image

Picture the Leadership Excellence Report as an analysis of a high-performance Formula-1 car: what good are excellent spark plugs if the rest of the vehicle is barely mediocre? What good are the best tyres if the steering technology is subpar?

Leadership Excellence Report

Continuing with the race car example, the LER turns the vehicle inside out, taking a good long look under the hood. After taking a test drive it doesn’t just check the quality of the spark plugs, but also its grip going top speeds, tyre pressure, behaviour during acceleration, the motor’s performance, exhaust values and emissions, engineers’ performance during a pit stop, and other success factors.

After you completed the Leadership Excellence Report, you finished a full round on the proving grounds. During the process, you made 108 decisions that are then being deeply analysed by the LER.

Sample Report

Download a sample report
of the Leadership Excellence Report now!


PDF Document, 8 pages, 294 KB

The Leadership Excellence Report is comprised of eight pages, with the first few pages relating to the Leading Simple© management system developed by Boris Grundl. Starting with page 4 you will be able to view your own results and the way, shape, or form your leadership competencies present themselves. In this chapter, each page will depict five scales divided into tasks, tools, and principles of leadership.

These 15 mastered tasks, tools, and principles symbolise a flourishing tree of excellent leadership, subsequently leading to highly individualised and personalised recommendations for further development.

This report offers you everything you need in order to become an excellent leader or manager. Good luck and Godspeed!


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